About Priya Taparia

Hello Food Lovers & Bakers !!
I am Priya Taparia, Founder and Owner of Flavourful Food. I am an MBA Graduate with a specialization in Marketing and Economics. I am a 3D Mural Artist, Self-taught baker, Content Creator, and Recipe Developer of quick and easy recipe videos that are showcased on my channel “Flavourful Food”.

Food, art, creativity has always been my passion. I am a self-taught artist and love the create 3D artworks, have worked in reputed schools like DPS as an art teacher. I Conduct a variety of Art Workshops in cafes, art studios, corporate offices throughout Bangalore and also conduct workshops at my own Art Studio for kids and adults. My all artwork, workshops can be seen on my Facebook page CreativMe

Food & Baking has always been my passion. I love developing fusion, innovative, creative dishes that are equally delicious and tempting. Whenever I used to throw parties at home,  I loved creating innovative and surprising dishes for them, and all used to love them and chase me for recipes. It used to make me so happy and satisfied. 

I am a passionate baker and have been baking for years with lots of fails and trials. When we moved to Singapore in 2010, I got introduced to fondant cakes and was totally mesmerized by them and wanted to learn. As my kids were very young, I didn’t get time to get trained in a proper institute, so I started learning from books and with practice made my first fondant soccer theme cake for my 4-year-old son. The cake came out so good and everyone at the party loved it and were asking where did I order from. That’s how I started my cake business and started getting cake orders. I used to love creating cakes for kids. It was so much fun.

In April 2018, I had taken a small 1-week break from my hectic schedule and was binging on a lot of social media channels when I got introduced to food channels and food videos. I was mesmerized by these videos and thought of showcasing my recipes which right now was only through parties. I really wanted to showcase my recipes and wanted them to reach a bigger audience. The first move I did was opening the DSLR BAG which we seldom opened after our Africa Trip. With no knowledge of Food photography, Content creating, Video editing, Video shooting, etc, it took me 8 months to learn, explore all the areas, and after a lot of trials and errors in video shooting and content creating, I posted my first video on YouTube at the end of December 2018. I have learned immensely during these 2 years of my content-creating journey and my video quality. My content has also grown immensely when it comes to quality. My Husband(my best friend) and my kids have been a great support throughout this journey.

Flavourful food is my passion to create and develop fusion, innovative & delicious ideas and recipes that are easy & hassle-free to cook. I also want to share my baking skills with my fool-proof easy egg and eggless & healthy cake recipes with all of you which I have been practicing for 12 years now.

I also Encourage & motivate people to enjoy cooking with my easy simple video recipes, focussing on health & nutrition-rich recipes. I also encourage people to ditch refined & processed foods & incorporate whole grains & healthy alternatives in regular everyday cooking.